Scott Walters

Founder of Molecular Science Corporation

“Ewan was fantastic to work with; as Director of the Analytical project, oversaw all aspects of the facility buildout and lab set up to get to a fully functional contract laboratory. His success in completing this project on time contributed to our success in running contract client samples and generating quality revenue streams”

Bob Chapman

Chief Scientific Officer of Dosecann Inc.

"Ewan was a great resource for Dosecann and contributed to the Analytical Laboratory success story. He provided high-level expertise to laboratory method development and validation including standard recommendations as well as great technical and troubleshooting support.  Always reachable and a pleasure to work with."

Brigitte Simons

Chief Scientific Officer, Pasha Brands Ltd

“I have worked with Ewan on multiple projects and he has proven to be a high calibre resource for our business model. He has supported Labs, Quality Assurance, Instrumentation qualifications, market development,  and other technical based product validations. His “take charge” demeanour and drive for excellence contributed immensely to our company’s success stories.”

Paul Tjoen

Chief Operating Officer,  Norleaf Foods

"Ewan contributed to the initial start-up of the business by providing all GPP documentation to get our Health Canada license submission completed ahead of schedule. In his capacity as Quality Director for the project, Ewan provided all SOP’s, worked on facility design and security layout, Organizational Security Plan (OSP), and process flow mapping to support a cannabis edibles production space and upcoming lab facility. Ewan’s analytical testing background was especially helpful in helping to design and equip the lab facility.  It was a pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable consultant”

Trevor Folk

Chief Operating Officer,  Teal Valley Health Inc.


“Ewan was an all-around pleasure to work with; our company post-start-up contracted Ewan to support an in-process analytical lab – which included construction and design, as well as core chemistry alignment. He was pivotal in managing the validation of Health Canada methods of analysis for cannabis, as well as working on all lab-related SOPs, protocols, and reports. We were able to achieve our company goals for in-process testing using his knowledge of chemistry, chromatography, and mass spectrometry. His contributions were key to the company’s ability to sell products within a short timeframe.”

Sameet Kanade

Chief Operating Officer, Anahit International Corp


“Ewan was a great resource and dynamic person to work with; being goal-oriented, he managed our project, successfully completing on time and on budget. His expertise was very beneficial to the success of our business model that included Quality Assurance, Analytical Development, Cannabis-related extractions, and product development; top-notch personable consultant to have on the team”

Dr Stephen Jenkins

Lab Manager, Actlabs


“Ewan was an excellent technical resource for analytical and quality projects; On multiple occasions, he successfully implemented niche methods for pharmaceutical, environmental, and biotech projects. He enriched his business development skillset by establishing trusted customer relationships, prospecting for leads, preparing marketing material, and presenting at conferences and trade shows. He is results-driven with a proven track record of a high achiever”